Summary of 2017 – 12 places in 12 months

It is very typical of me to feel unsatisfied by the end of the year. I always feel that I could have done more or seen more. To be honest, this is the first time I am doing a summary list and it turned out as an amazing experience for myself. I recommend anyone to make such a list, who struggles with being unsatisfied with what you think you have accomplished, like I sometimes do. Looking back at the places I have been, seeing photos from my trips I think that it was a good year, filled with novelty and major changes. I cannot await what a new year will bring to my life.

North America

12. Chicago, United States of America

The windy city filled with massive buildings and amazing view of Lake Michigan. I say windy because seriously, a flowy skirt will give you the impression you are Marylin Monroe????. Chicago will not let you be or get bored. From theaters, museums or planetarium to great restaurants and bars there is always something to day or night. When weather is great put your rollerblades on, take your bicycle for a ride or simply go for a walk following the Lakefront Trail. Definitely not the first time and surely not the last time I will be visiting this city, because it still has a lot to offer me.

Chicago, United States of America Cloud Gate, Chicago, United States of America Chicago, United States of America

11. New Orleans, United States of America

New Orleans was on my dream list for a few years now and as soon as we saw an opportunity to go – we simply went. This city is exactly as you might picture it????. In every corner you will hear jazz music, even early in the day. Every detail – buildings, accent, unique places and live music gives you this feeling, that despite of cataclysms that New Orleans fought against the spirit is still there. Amazing southern food, the biggest sandwiches I ever ate from Verti Marte and delicious beignets (French doughnuts) at Café Du Mondi makes the trip complete.

New Orleans, United States of America New Orleans, United States of America New Orleans, United States of America

10. Mackinac Island, United States of America

Have you ever thought how your life would look like without a car? Yes! Well then, I introduce you to Mackinac Island. A small island on Lake Huron that gives you a feeling like you time traveled. There are no cars, only bicycles and horses. I am a very lucky person to live near it and I promise this place is an amazing escape from daily reality.

Mackinac Island, United States of America Mackinac Island, United States of America Mackinac Island, United States of America


9. London, United Kingdom

I had only few hours in London and thanks to my friend who lives there I got to see quite a lot in such a short amount time. When I picture London, the most important places for me to visit were – Big Ben and London Eye. I was there, saw some and want more.

London Eye, London, United Kingdom

Big Ben, London, United Kingdom

8. Prague, Czech Republic

The capital city of Czech Republic impressed me yet again. It was my second time there and even though I saw most of attractions again, since I was not by myself, I still found new sights. Which is always something that makes me very happy as I explore new places. Even the few Czechs that do not try to hide theirs reluctance towards Poles, can not destroy my opinion about Prague.

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Prague, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has captivated me, I let myself to get lost in this city and took a little detour from my original plan. Every street led me to something that made my eyes open even wider. I saw it from both water and land, and cannot recommend one over the other, both are different. Copenhagen as every European city has a lot of history in every corner, which adds to the whole charm of it.

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Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark

6. Zakopane, Poland

Mountains, mountains, mountains and not much more to add, is there? Even though I did not reach any mountain tops, the mountains have a special place in my heart. They can exhaust and relax you at the same time just by looking at them tower over you.  There is never a bad time or season to go there and explore. Best part is after a long day of walking around, you can always rest in thermal baths nearby.

Tatra Mountains, Poland Zakopane, Poland Zakopane, Poland

5. Kraków, Poland

I am not able to describe what I feel about Kraków in just two sentences. This is my favorite city from those I have already seen. Maybe it is because of the sentiment I hold from living there, maybe because the walls are filled with history, maybe it is all the places with their own souls which makes discovering them exciting. When I am in Kraków, I feel at home and besides my actual family home, this is the place that gives me that same kind of feeling.

Kraków, Poland Old Market, Kraków, Poland

4. Italy

It would be very hard for me to choose twelve things or places in Italy that I liked most. This country is my go to and what I have already seen, makes me wander more. My list of must see things is probably as long as country itself????.

Amalfi Coast, Italy Pompeii, Italy Vatican Museum, Vatican, Italy


3. Shanghai, China

When I think about our visit in Shanghai the conclusion is that we want to see more. China is a very mysterious country to me with lots of places that I want to see with my own eyes. Shanghai itself gave us many impressions and an adrenalin rush. Getting into the metro will be probably one of the craziest thing we have done???? as navigating the metro in one of the biggest cities in the world can be a challenge.

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Shanghai, China Shanghai, China Shanghai, China

2. Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand

I would not sleep at night if I did not mention this place in my list. Elephants are very important and symbolic animals in Thai culture. They are as well very sensitive and helpless against human greed and invasiveness into their habitats. That is why visiting this place was so important to me. Hearing all the stories about how elephants are treated and seeing the results of it were crucial in my travel. Never ride elephants as it permanently deforms them.

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Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand

1. Thailand

It cannot be a different place, our month-long trip to Thailand has to be number one for this year. The places we have seen would surely make a much longer list than this and yet there is still a lot to go back and explore????. I encourage you to read my posts about this beautiful, colorful yet mysterious land. It was never a disappointment just a world of new things to find.

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Wat Pho, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Koh Rok, Thailand Koh Phangan, Thailand

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