Sightseeing Copenhagen from the water and by foot

When I left the metro, I wanted to find a city bike and ride to Rosenborg Palace. But it is well known that plans like to change, so of course the bike ride did not happen. Kongens Nytorv stop is located just a few steps from Nyhavn, a 17th-century Copenhagen waterfront. It was originally used as a port, which with time has grown from a fishermen spot into a busy entertainment center. You will find lots of restaurants, coffee shops, as well as a general great relaxing atmosphere. From there you can also jump onto a boat and for 40 Danish krones have an hour long canal tour.

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Layover in Copenhagen: How to get around at the airport and city

To be honest I was not always excited about layovers. Hours of unnecessary waiting made me seek out direct flights or those with the shortest possible connection. When did my thinking change? Exactly last year, when my 12 hours layover in Vienna turned into quite an intensive sightseeing experience. After Vienna was London, Shanghai and Copenhagen, which is today’s topic.

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