First steps in Bangkok

After spending about 20 hours on either an airplane or an airport, we finally arrived in Bangkok at 3 am. Do not worry about exchanging money or buying a SIM card, there are a lot of places at the airport open 24/7.

Money exchange and cellphone providers

The SIM cards are a very convenient purchase since having internet in a foreign country makes navigating and exploring easier. For 30 days of 5 GB internet we paid 800 baht, so around $23, and it was working everywhere we went except a few spots on the train as we approached Chiang Mai. My advice is to have cash with you as money exchanges are everywhere and ATMs have very high fees.

First impressions

For the first night we decided to get a hotel near the airport, plus they also provided free transfer, so we only had to find a person with the hotel name on the card. He took us to the bus and after 10 minutes, we were ready to sleep. If you are planning few days in Bangkok always keep in mind that your body needs rest. I have not thought about it, and so we slept for almost a whole day and were not able to visit everything we wanted. Well we learn through our mistakes, right?

How to get around Bangkok?

Getting around Bangkok. There are a lot of options starting with taxis, GrabTaxi, Uber, boat taxis, tuk tuks, metro, trains or even scooter taxi 🙂 We used Uber often, as well as boat taxi and tuktuk. Uber is much cheaper than regular taxi and you don’t need cash to pay for it. Boat taxis are extremely cheap and the most entertaining as they make you feel like a local, except when you try to take a picture while squeezed like a sardine. To get from one end of the city to the other costs 15 baht ($0.40). You pay on the boat as there is someone walking with a can full of change. Do not worry they will not miss or forget to charge you. Tuk tuk is a more fun ride however it is not a cheap transportation option most of the time. But I cannot recommend it enough, so much fun and such an experience. This is a must while in Thailand.

Remember always bargain and be confident about it. It will not always work, but firstly it is worth trying and secondly in 95% you will pay much less.

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