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Malta is the biggest island in the archipelago and its coastline is 200 km (124 mi). It is situated on the Mediterranean Sea just 80 km (50 mi) south from Sicily. The island of Malta is about 28 km (27 mi) long and 15 km (9 mi) wide. Do not be fooled by these numbers, this island has so much to offer that after my 3 days stay I was regretting not staying longer.


You probably wonder why Malta bothered with a public transport, since it is so small? Let me tell you, maybe in a straight line everything would be close, but this country is so densely packed with all the cultural and historical attractions that it takes a lot of time to get to them. Malta Public Transport is really thought through and can get you everywhere. It makes no sense to use an expensive taxi or renting a car, especially that they drive on the left side, streets are very narrow and people on the island drive like crazy. I still cannot wrap my head around how the buses were driving so fast and could even fit into those streets????

Malta Public Transport

Wherever you go the one-way ticket cost the same and it is 1.50 euro. You can buy it from the driver when you enter the bus. They have a few offers which are great for tourists. More information about it you will find here. We chose the “12 journey card” option for 15 euro since we were staying only three days. It was very convenient since this card can be used by more than one person. We simply punched it twice every time we were on the bus and card reader will tell you how many you have left. We bought ours in the small store down the street from our hotel. Buses have displays with the stop name, so it is very easy to get off in the right place. Bus stops have signs with line number and its destinations. Important thing to know is that on the schedule there are written only the main stops, not all the actual stops. For example, our drive from St. Julian’s to the airport took us over an hour, even though there were only 8 stops on the list, because there were many more on the way. This is something to remember especially when you are trying to catch your flight????

Malta Public Transport Malta Public Transport

We stayed in St. Julian’s which I think was the best choice, but more about it in next post. If you are planning to stay there you will get there from the airport with X2 line and take the last stop – San Giljan. Bus stop at the airport is very easy to find, just after the exit turn left and follow the building, you should see it immediately.

Malta Public Transport

Official languages on Malta are Maltese and English, so there is no problem with communicating at all.

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