Koh Lanta’s island hopping

We wanted to spend our second day on Koh Lanta visiting smaller islands within her reach. We bought a day trip at our hotel, which included snorkeling, the Emerald Cave on Koh Mook Island and relaxing on Koh Rok. The whole day with everything included cost us 2000 baht ( $60 ) per person.

Island hopping

The company boat picked us up in the morning from Bakantiang Beach, which was very convenient since we were staying there, so we did not have to travel anywhere. We were also the last pickup so as soon as we got on the boat we headed out on the water. They pick up everyone at the beaches that are closest to your respective hotel, so it is very easy to schedule a trip. With a group of 15 people we sailed into the deep water of the Andaman Sea.

Koh Lanta, ThailandKoh Lanta, ThailandKoh Lanta, Thailand


First stop was near Koh Ngai island and we had about an hour to snorkel. No need to worry if you do not have a snorkeling mask, they had those on the boat ready to use. They do not however provide fins (at least the company we chose). The fins would have made it a lot easier since I cannot swim well and would have let me explore more, but it is easy to explore without as well with a lifejacket on.

Koh Lanta, ThailandKoh Lanta, ThailandKoh Lanta, Thailand

Koh Mook and Emerald Cave

It is time to introduce Koh Mook island and the beach that is hidden in the very middle of it. To get there you have to swim through a dark cave that is lit up only by the guides flashlights. If you are not a good swimmer, same as me, getting through this swim in a cave even with a lifejacket on will give you so much satisfaction. Also, the view that awaits you is breathtaking and worth the experience. The little beach hidden between towering walls with only one entrance that you just used. It is a Priceless experience! It is a very popular spot in this region, so I will not say that you will be there by yourself. There are a lot of people every day from multiple tour companies, but even that cannot take away from the charm this little gem has to offer. It is a truly wonderful sight to see and explore.

Koh Mook, ThailandKoh Mook, ThailandKoh Mook, ThailandKoh Mook, ThailandKoh Mook, ThailandKoh Mook, ThailandKoh Mook, Thailand

Koh Rok

Our final stop took place at Koh Rok island. I have never heard about it before, but if I did I would surely plan a night on the island. Incredible views of the Andaman Sea from a soft white sand beach and warm crystal-clear water. We spent over an hour, eating lunch and mostly relaxing in the water or on the beach. One of my top spots in Thailand without a doubt. Koh Rok will make you fall in love with her from the first step on the beach.

Koh Rok, ThailandKoh Rok, ThailandKoh Rok, ThailandKoh Rok, Thailand

If you still have some energy left after a whole day on the boat I would really recommend a drive into town close to the pier. You will find a huge market there with many food stalls and knickknacks. You cannot miss it, since it is located just next to the road. Try everything, even if you will not like it. Collect experiences and challenge your taste buds, because it is worth it!

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