Sightseeing Copenhagen from the water and by foot

When I left the metro, I wanted to find a city bike and ride to Rosenborg Palace. But it is well known that plans like to change, so of course the bike ride did not happen. Kongens Nytorv stop is located just a few steps from Nyhavn, a 17th-century Copenhagen waterfront. It was originally used as a port, which with time has grown from a fishermen spot into a busy entertainment center. You will find lots of restaurants, coffee shops, as well as a general great relaxing atmosphere. From there you can also jump onto a boat and for 40 Danish krones have an hour long canal tour.

It does not matter if you have few days or few hours to visit. I really recommend this kind of sightseeing. I found it very interesting to see the city of Copenhagen from the water. It is very convenient especially when you are on the clock. Price also includes a tour guide, so it is another plus.

What did I see during the hour boat tour?

The Little Mermaid Statue, Copenhagen Opera House, a historical building of Nyholm Central Guardhouse built in 1745, Papiroen – street food market, Church of Our Savior, Cirkelbroen (The Circle Bridge), Christianborg Palace, Christian IV’s Brewhouse, Marmobroen (The Marble Bridge), Amalienborg Palace. The route included Nyhavn, Kobenhavns Havn, Christianshavn and Frederiksholms canals.

It was a great opportunity to see and experience the city in a different way. So much fun to go under all those historic bridges that are so low you can touch them while sitting down.

Sightseeing Copenhagen by foot

Walking on Holmen Kanal Street I saw the Church of Holmen, which was built in 1563. Originally was used as an anchor forge, which later on was transformed into a naval church by Christian IV.

On the other side of canal stands Christianborg Palace and few steps further Hojbro square. It is a symbolic place with an Equestrian statue of Absalon. He was a bishop, recognized more as a warrior, who chose Slotsholmen Island as a spot to build the defense castle. Which gave the people a chance to grow into what is now the capital of Denmark.

I kept walking and I found myself on Stroget street, which is one of the Europe’s longest pedestrian streets. On this 1.1 kilometer long promenade everyone can find something for themselves. From a budget chain store to a high-end fashion store.

After a while of stumbling around I stood under the Rundtaarn, the Round Tower. From there I went to St. Ann’s Square which is located a block from the Nyhavn area and it is a great place to enjoy some silence. When you are there it is impossible to miss Amalienborg Palace, the home for Danish royal family. The square includes four identical buildings with a King Frederik V statue from 1771 in the middle of the square. In the background you will see the beautiful Frederik’s Church.


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