One day in Prague. Ultimate guide for Czech capital

Prague is the largest city as well as the capital of the Czech Republic. It has its own unique character with baroque architecture and many Gothic churches throughout the city. I traveled there from Krakow, Poland by a tourist bus from the main station. The bus ride took me about 7 hours in total and the ticket both ways cost 70 PLN ($20). I arrived around 6:45 am and it was still dark outside, so I found the closest open place, which was of course a McDonald and started drinking coffee while I waited until sunrise.

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Where to stay in Bangkok

Where to stay in Bangkok

Bangkok, as every other big city, offers a multitude of places to stay. From the cheap hostels, to the most expensive and extravagant hotels. You can find many options to where you want to stay depending on your budget. Having the mindset that Bangkok may have crazy traffic, I subconsciously picked hotels close to our interest points. We were very lucky to usually choose clean and reasonably priced places.

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20 Photos to inspire you to visit Thailand

20 Photos to inspire you to visit Thailand

Come and check out some of my favorite pictures that I took while traveling around Thailand. I believe that the majestic colors, incredible natural beauty and detailed architecture, all have something for everyone on their visits. These are only some of the wonderful sights that I saw on my travels. I wish I could share my entire experience and every picture I took with the world. It is mostly true that every picture is worth a thousand words, yet some pictures are just difficult to describe with words. Seeing is believing that the world can be so beautiful. Continue reading “20 Photos to inspire you to visit Thailand”

How to get from Koh Tao to Koh Lanta guide

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Journey from Koh Tao to Koh Lanta took us about 10 hours and had quite a few steps. We bought our tickets from the office at Mae Haad Pier the day before our departure. We decided to try another company – Lomprayah and paid 1300 baht each. The ferry was scheduled for 6 am, so at 5:30 am we were up and ready to go. While entering the boat you are provided with a sticker with the name of your destination. It should be placed somewhere visible. Lomprayah boats are smaller and faster, when you add a very turbulent sea, you will have me suffering from my first motion sickness episode. Trust me it was the longest boat ride I can recall, even though it only lasted about 1.5 hours.

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